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Venison Processing in Geneva, MN


Please note:

We will not accept any Venison trim that is in garbage bags, or grocery bags. It should be in large Ziploc or some kind of clean container.

All frozen trim will have 10% taken off weight to compensate for leaching of water and blood upon thawing.

Trim should be free of any blood clots, fur, hair, bone, and metal - either from bullets or arrowheads.

Remember we can't make quality sausage with bad trim, so Keep it Clean!


We will also need your license and registration tags, so bring them with you.

It is illegal to transport or possess wild game without proper paperwork.

Thank you for your business and enjoy your venison!


As Geneva Meats is getting back into the venison sausage business, we are proud to bring aboard sausage-maker Dean Anderson. Dean has been in the meat industry for over 30 years now, and is known for his excellence in sausage making. In the past he has won National Awards as well as various awards on the Tri-State Level.


His accomplishments include National Grand Champion Summer Sausage. Twice he was involved in the honor of winning the Clarence Knebal Award, which is the Best of the Best on a National Level. In the Tri-State level has won numerous Grand Champion and several Best of Show and Sweepstakes awards. He is well known in the Meat Industry and we are proud to have him with us.




Venison Pricing

We are sorry for the inconvience we will not be taking Whole Carcaus, or Bone-In Trim this year. Please keep the Trim Clean (No Hair, No Blood Clots, No Fat) if we need to trim more there will be an extra fee.




Specialty Meat Rates

Ground Venison: $.75/lb

Beef Fat: $.85/lb

Prime Rib Fat: $1.10/lb

Venison Breakfast Sausage: $2.39/lb


1/3 Pork Trim Added

Venison Hot Dogs: $3.95/lb

Venison Hot Dogs w/cheese: $4.45/lb

Fresh Brats: $2.95/lb

Smoked Polish Sausage: $3.55/lb

Smoked Cheddarwurst: $3.95/lb

Ring Bologna: $3.55/lb

Venison Bacon: $3.45/lb


1/3 Pork & Beef Trim Added

Summer Sausage: $3.45/lb

Extra Garlic Summer Sausage: $3.95/lb

Summer Sausage w/Pepper Jack: $3.95/lb

Jalapenos Cheddar Summer Sausage: $4.05/lb

Red Pepper Summer Sausage: $3.65/lb


¼ Beef Trim Added

Venison Snack Sticks: $4.45/lb

7 Pepper Snack Sticks: $4.65 /lb

Venison Cheddar Snack Sticks: $4.95/lb

Jalapenos Cheddar Sticks: $4.95/lb

Venison Pepper Jack Sticks: $4.95/lb

Venison Teriyaki Sticks: $4.65/lb

Venison Jerky-Whole Muscle: $5.35/lb

Ground & Formed Venison Jerky: $4.80/lb


*Please note:

All prices are based on the starting weight

and not on the shrink weight.

Due to changing market prices some prices might change.


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